Nuestro buen amigo Irwin Sell a través  del gran aficionado Paul Stadinger nos envía estas bonitas fotos.
Compradas hace unos 20 años y según parece comercializadas en Puerto Rico y en Cuba representan personajes y tipos relacionados con la conquista de Puerto Rico.
Originales y nunca vistas antes por estos lares, nos preguntan nuestros amigos si podemos darles alguna pista de su origen y fabricante.

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agaist all banners dijo...

According to Juan Herminia in email resently received by me.
Erwin Sell

Herminia Said.

The maker of those figures is unknown. He was a Spanish entrepreneur who did a few series based on the Spanish prolific history. They were produced for tourist souvenirs and museums. I talked with many of them but nobody remember who was the company´s name. It is a similar story than English and French companies did.

Other series produced were based on Cristobal Columbus, Spanish Iberian Wars (Romans, Carthagians and others) and Spanish Independence against Napoleon´s French army with an Agustina de Aragon character. They were sold in boxes.

I have that set too. It´s the only known copy between Spanish collectors for now. They are extremely rare.

I think you don´t have the full set, there is a dog that conquerors used at that period and few others conquerors and a priest as well. Full set are 16 figures.

The four sets got no sales and they disappeared...

All the best,

Juan Hermida