La española Dalia produjo varias piezas de artillería en metal de muy buena factura. Esta, concretamente, es copia del 25 libras de Britains.
Los artilleros, ignoro si son de la misma casa pero me atrevo a  pensar que sí. Están muy ajustados al tamaño del cañón.

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Maverick Collecting dijo...

I think these are the same figures that Dinky issued with their American 105mm gun, they also issued a German crew with their '88. There is some evidence (material and sculpting) that they are Charles Stadden sculpts from the Tri-ang/Minimodels factory in Havant near Portsmouth, perhaps Dalia got them from there?

If not (and it's only conjecture) they must both have bought them in from somewhere else...probably Hong Kong?